Climbing Among Sheep

October, 2013

As one might know: A climbing trip, nothing extraordinary, becomes unique, but no clue why. This is exactly what happened to me, visiting Prilep, Macedonia in 2012 and 2013.

I embarked on my first visit with a couple of friends and hit it off with a bunch of Slovenian climbers, arriving by bus. Together we developed a new sector near Dabnica, roamed the rock-covered hills and mingled with flocks of sheep. We had a crew of filmmakers with us, one of them using a quadrocopter, shooting some nice sequences. I managed to send a beautiful 8a+, named after the Slovenian’s favorite phrase, Kula Sheika Bula, (a specific translation was not to be found) and got really psyched developing the area further. However, it soon started to rain and we spent our days philosophizing over the role of Rakia/Ouzo to the human soul and mind and humbly left Prilep eventually.

One year later our mission lacked the same seriousness. This time, a group of three, we managed to get a cheap flight, not caring about the forecast. Again, we were bound to the cellars and taverns in Prilep, when the rains set in. Anyhow, we managed some new climbs and explored the mounds with the local guide,  who shared our relaxed approach. I would not call us idle but content. We appreciated climbing new boulders and exploring new grounds. My friend shot one photo of the trip and we left, again.