Kilian Fischhuber

Kilian Fischhuber

Climber - Adventurer - Speaker

Kilian is a professional Austrian climber and considered one of the best competition climbers of all times, winning 21 bouldering world cups and five medals at major events. Besides focusing on competing for more than a decade, Kilian has made a name for himself through climbing trips to exotic places on all continents, various film projects and outstanding first ascents. After ending his competition career in 2014, Kilian now devotes himself to new adventures on rock, in his home alpine region as well as in climbing areas around the globe. In 2020, after 5 years of abstinence from competitions, he has returned to the world cup circuit, working as national coach of the Austrian climbing team. He shares his adventures and expeditions in inspiring live talks.


What makes a story worth telling?

Kilian shares his adventures in inspiring multi-media lectures on stages across Europe, both for the public and for corporations. He offers insights into what it takes to tackle various challenges when travelling to extremely remote places and what drives him to search for the unknown.

When you find yourself walking through the vast Siberian tundra to climb on undiscovered rocks itโ€™s called adventure.

His latest talk on a climbing expedition to the Siberian hinterland takes his audience to an undiscovered fantasy landscape, tells about trials and triumphs, language barriers and the formation of an unusual friendship.

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